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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern all relevant matters between you as a consumer / client and us the GoCaribe S.A.S. in the form of CentBids.com as a website / provider / operator.


As a consumer, you must be fully capable of acting in accordance with the legal provisions applicable in your country, as well as in full possession of your intellectual abilities and be able to make a free will decision. In addition, you may not be an employee or relative of an employee of CentBids.

Registration and use of CentBids is basically free and you do not take any risks.

Always new Items

The products offered at CentBids are always new. It may be that a product is not available at short notice. In this case, you allow us to deliver you an equivalent or higher quality product. So for example, instead of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with 128 GB one with 256 GB or a successor model.

auction procedure

The auctions at CentBids follow the same pattern as a normal auction. This means that unlike other online auction houses, the auctions do not end at a certain time, but when the auctioneer issues a countdown (to the first, to the second, to the third, sold!) And after that count down no further bids have been made. Since the Internet allows you to bid with CentBids around the world, and of course, the transfer takes a while, the countdown to CentBids auctions is 10 seconds.

So if you bid on an article at CentBids, it will the countdown is reset to 10 seconds. If no one beats you in those 10 seconds, you're the auction winner. You then have the option to use your purchase option and purchase the item by paying the full auction price.

Submitting a bid increases the auction price by one unit (1 COP, 1 ARS, 1 CLP, 0 , 01 MXN, $ 0.01, $ 0.01, $ 0.01).

Bid only with Bids

To make a bid you need so-called Bids. You can either buy these or get them for free with our affiliate program and promotions. So it is possible to participate in an auction completely without cost and risk and then to get a brand new TV for a few dollars. If you buy Bids, these are excluded as a digital product that is immediately available to you from exchange, return or revocation.

BidsBack Program

If you put your Bids into auctions, you can get them back and use them again. It does not matter if the Bids were bought, were charged by a coupon / discount code or through our affiliate program. When buying Bids up to the same amount, you get back your already issued Bids. You can also combine the BidsBack program with coupons to get even more Bids. However, the Bids received by a coupon are not counted towards the BidsBack program. For example: You have issued 200 Bids, now buy a Bids package with 100 Bids and use the coupon code CENTBIDS with which you permanently get 25% more Bids. Then you buy 100 Bids, get 25 Bids for the coupon code and get back another 100 Bids from the BidsBack program. So you just pay for 100 Bids but get 225 Bids on your user account.

Shipping and return

The shipping at CentBids is basically free and already included in the auction price. There are no additional fees or costs. After receiving the goods, you can revoke them within 30 days at any time without giving any reason and send them back to us. You will receive the auction price immediately, as soon as the item is received by us. The return costs are, if you do not provide us with a return label for you. The receipt of the return costs you send us to the reimbursement simply by E-Mail. You can get back your used bids as part of the BidsBack program.

No bots or other technical assistants!

In order to keep our auctions fair and with equal opportunities for all, there are no bidding agents, bidding robots or other technical aids. Any browser plugins, scripts or apps are not allowed. If we find that you are sabotaging our auctions with unfair methods to the detriment of other bidders, we will block your user account without compensation and exclude you from CentBids.

Observe applicable laws!

If online auctions such as CentBids offer them in the country you are staying in, we do not ask you to join CentBids. The delivery to such countries is usually problem-free. For details, feel free to contact our support.

Place of jurisdiction is Barranquilla in Colombia. Individual side agreements must be made in writing and appraised by a public notary. To be valid in relation to these General Conditions.

English Translation - Version 2.08 - March 2019

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