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Quiet Auctions

What is a quiet auction?

The silent auction is called that because you can't see who is bidding and what the others have offered. The bid is kept secret, the only modification is that you get immediate feedback when you bid in a silent auction. Three scenarios are possible:
  • 1. Hooray!  Your bid is the lowest bid currently!  Good luck!
  • 2. Ohhh No!  Your bid has already been done by another person.  Try again.
  • 3. Very good!  Your bid has not yet been placed, unfortunately it is not the lowest.
In addition, you can track the current status of your bid in your account. And if necessary, bid in good time before the expiry.

How long does a silent auction last?

The silent auctions begin and end on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. Immediately afterwards, you can see which bid has won. Please note that some countries have multiple time zones. In this case, the time zone of the capital or the most populous region is decisive. You see a countdown in the last 99 hours. For technical reasons, this can have a deviation of up to 15 seconds. So don't rely on last-second bids. The decisive factor is when your bid is received on our server.

I have won!

Congratulations! In your user account overview you can pay for the article and specify the delivery address. We will then send you the item you have won immediately. Usually shipping takes only a few days.

How do I make a bid?

Under the article photo you will see an input field in which you can enter the amount of your choice. Then press "Bid!" and you have already placed your bid. You will immediately receive feedback on your bid from our system. And you can also see your bids in the bid overview in your account. You need bids to place a bid. You can buy bids or get them for free by inviting friends.

What are the chances of winning?

The silent auctions offer bargain hunters with a small amount of Bids the chance to win attractive bargains.Because hidden bids are less likely to be undercut. But be careful: the lower your bid, the sooner others will bid it. However, only the lowest bid that has been submitted once wins.

Further questions?

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Does not include cost of bids. Result is not typical. 55% of auction winners save 95% off the retail price. Auctions on CentBids are so-called penny auctions or all-pay auctions. There is always the risk of being outbid by others. Buying Bids and bidding is no guarantee to win the auction. Each bid will reset the countdown to 10 seconds. The end time is not fixed. Please make sure you do not spend more money bidding than the products are worth, and do not spend more money than you can.

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