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Philips Senseo XL Coffee Maker

SENSEO Original XL Coffee Pod Machine, Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine, Espresso Machine for Senseo Coffee Pods, 2018 Edition HD7810/65, Black

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Coffee maker for pods: new Senseo Coffee boost Technology spreads the water via 45 holes over the Coffee pad for the richest flavor from each fresh Senseo Coffee Pod you select for brewing into Coffee, espresso or your own delicious custom cup

Coffee machine all-new 2018 design: senseo's new intensity select feature allows you to customize your brew strength with the push of a button to consistently create your own perfect coffees and espressos exactly how you prefer to savor the experience

Senseo Coffee pods freshly brewed with refillable tank: new removable XL water tank of 40. 6 oz For 8 Coffee cups in one refill gives you the flexibility to enjoy your Senseo Coffee without the hassle of constantly refilling the tank for intense Espresso or your favorite cup of Coffee

The Coffee maker of quality: Senseo is loved by coffee drinkers across Europe for the subtle hints of quality, Whether the rich flavor of each freshly brewed Senseo Coffee or the new metal drip tray for premium appearance, You can expect quality in your kitchen, office or home from senseo's Original XL Coffee Pod machine

Coffee pot not required: brew fresh ground Coffee straight into your own Coffee or Espresso cup with each Senseo Coffee capsule, the and sustainable alternative to Espresso capsules and Keurig K cups instant brews

Great taste of fresh ground Coffee beans: The great crema taste you have come to expect from Senseo, without the plastic or metal Pod, capsule or K cups waste

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Brand New with warranty - Free shipping!

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