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Privacy Policy

CentBids is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information.

For this reason, we have a zero data - delete all policy to track.

Zero Data – Delete All means to us that we do not collect any data and delete it immediately and completely. This policy also spares you completely from advertising through us. We have no newsletter system and will stick to it. The viewing of CentBids is possible without specification of personal data. The registration and registration, as well as further use takes place with a freely selectable pseudonym.

We do not use Google Analytics, we do not use more cookies than strictly necessary for the technically correct use. We completely waive the use of third party banner advertising, third party content and third party content delievery services.

We use a number of freely available scripts, fonts and graphics on our pages. For privacy reasons, we host them without exception.

Completly without third-party script is unfortunately not possible. The only third-party scripts or products we use are from Facebook Inc. Since we already use Facebook's AccountKit service for login and registration, we decided to keep your data as private as possible. Therefore, our tracking service (Facebook Pixel), for optimization and quality control, comes from our marketing campaigns, also from Facebook Inc. The advantage for you is that your data is stored exclusively on Facebook. As it was established after an analysis that there are more Facebook users than Google users, we assume that more visitors are familiar with the privacy policies of Facebook instead of Google and Facebook has a higher level of trust in privacy.

Since we are a profit-making company, we use Facebook Inc. targeting for our marketing campaigns. This means we can target our ads to, for example, males between the ages of 20 and 30. However, we can not target a Chris Miller from City XY. Of course, we can technically do such a very targeted targeting and framing, for example, only 20-year-old men advertise. However, as we do not collect or maintain any such data with CentBids, no inference can be made to your person.

If you give our page(s) on Facebook a Like or interact with them, it is possible, depending on how you have set up your Facebook account, that we can see your Facebook real name, as well as access openable data in your profile. However, as described in mi previous paragraph, on CentBids no data from registered users, a link is not possible and not desirable. We are happy about a Like on our Facebook pages and also about news, but we do not conclude that every Like is also a user of CentBids.

For the payment we use PayPal. PayPal can be used either with a free customer account or completely without registration for payment. Since PayPal also enjoys a very high level of trust, as well as strict data protection guidelines, we have decided against regional providers and an exclusive cooperation with PayPal and Facebook.

Do you have further questions about privacy? Please feel free to contact our support team

English Translation - Version 2.08 - March 2019

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