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Privacy Protection

We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. With this data protection declaration, we want to inform you as a user of our platform whether and to what extent personal data is collected, processed or stored.

We take the position: as much as necessary, as little as possible. This means that we consistently forego all unnecessary, personal data. In particular, we do not pass it on to third parties.

The pure viewing of the platform is possible without personal data. To create a user account, i.e. to register, an e-mail address is required, which is also saved and used to send login codes. With the creation of the user account, the user can choose a username, which may be a pseudonym, there is no real name requirement.

Centbids offers interested users a weekly newsletter, which is sent to the user by e-mail or push notification. This newsletter contains graphics and links that enable us to collect measurement data. We want to optimize the time of sending or the content, for example. There is no direct connection to a specific user, only an evaluation as a whole.

We use cookies, which are essential for technical use and, for example, enable login without entering a password. However, no personal data is stored in the cookies, only randomly generated strings.

We use Google Analytics for evaluation and quality control. You can find Google's privacy policy on their website. The information obtained through the so-called tracking cookies is only evaluated and used by Centbids, but not used or passed on for advertising purposes.

There are a number of scripts, fonts and graphics from third parties on our platform, but for data protection reasons they are all stored on our server.

When you visit our platform, your device sends a series of technical information to our server. This happens fully automatically and constantly; the Internet as such is not possible without this exchange. Centbids stores the access times and IP addresses in a server log file in order to avert danger. However, this data is only used to develop a protection system in the event of an attack.

We use a number of freely available scripts, fonts and graphics on our website. For privacy reasons, we host them all ourselves, without exception.

When you contact Centbids, depending on the channel used, it is possible that we can see your email address, telephone number, Facebook name and / or profile pictures. However, once we have dealt with your request, this data will be deleted and will not be used or saved.

The payment process for topping up bidding points is implemented by PayPal. You can find PayPal's privacy policy on their website.

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We use cookies

In order to continuously improve your experience at Centbids and to make our offer interesting, we use cookies. If you click I Agree, you consent to its use. You can use the Personalize button to select which cookies you want to accept. You can find more information in our privacy policy.