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CentBids.com is provided by:
GoCaribe S.A.S.
(Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada)
NIT: 901.195.458-4
Legal representative:
Alexander Hernandez

GoCaribe S.A.S.
CRA 3 SUR #48-27
Atlantico CO

Phone and WhatsApp: +57 304 55 90 250

General remark:

This page is intended for persons living in non-EU countries. We are neither legally obliged to determine the place of residence of a contracting party, nor do we have a legitimate interest in it. Delivery address is not necessarily residential or habitual residence. The privacy of the personal data has priority due to the "Zero Data - Delete all" Privacy Policy of CentBids.

Disclaimer for external content
This website contains links to external websites that are not the responsibility of the publisher. For the contents of external websites no liability is assumed. At the time of linking, no violation of laws was discernible.

Privacy Policy
We value privacy. A release of data to third parties takes place only by court order, by a proper Colombian court.

Terms of Service
All contracts, offers and assumptions are subject to our terms and conditions, as well as applicable Colombian law.

Any unauthorized use of scripts, graphics, animations or other content provided on this website is prohibited and will be prosecuted internationally.

Legal notice:
All brand names used on this website, as well as image logos and graphic images of products and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. CentBids.com is neither the owner nor owner of these trademarks.

April 2019

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