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Is CentBids scam?

We often hear this accusation. Many new visitors are initially suspicious, at our reasonable prices. Caution on the internet is right and important. And we also attach great importance to protecting your personal information. CentBids is not a scam and it is safe. Of course it is sometimes frustrating not to win an auction. The auctions on CentBids are as fair as technically possible and not a scam. The risk with any auction, however, is not to win, as there is always only one winner. When you buy Bids, you'll always get back the same amount of already used Bids. There are no bidding robots or bidding agents like on other cent auction sites. We do not collect data from you that we do not need. And when we collect data, we do not save it longer than necessary. We are active with our cent auctions in several countries and thus offers many people the opportunity to buy new branded products at reasonable prices. At first, you might think it fraudulent when a huge 60-inch flat screen TV should cost only a few Bugs. But you have to know how auctions works at CentBids. Below you will find all questions and answers.

Shipping and handling costs

All CentBids products are always delivered free of charge. There are no further costs after a won auction except the auction price. The dispatch takes place immediately, after you have paid the auction. After winning an auction you will find in your user account in the user menu the entry "My winnings". Clicking on this will take you directly to the overview of all auctions you won. You can see how long your purchase ia aviliable (usually 20 days after the auction) and you can pay directly. Important! Even if our payment partner like PayPal asks for your address, we do not get this data. So you have to tell us a delivery address.

How do I bid?

One of the prerequisites is that you have a user account and Bids. In the auction overview you can see all currently active auctions. Of course, you can also sort directly by categories such as mobile phones, tablets or televisions and search for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in a targeted way. Under each active auction is a button "Bid" with a click on it you set a bid. Ee charge you one of your Bids and the price increases by $ 0.01 . If the remaining time of the auction is less than 10 seconds, the timer is reset and the countdown restarts at 10 seconds. If no one else offers in these 10 seconds, you have won the auction and can now buy the item at auction price.

How do I get my Bids back?

You used all Bids and were outbid? Do not worry, your Bids are not lost. Either you earn new Bids by inviting your friends. For every completed registration, you will receive 3 Bids for free. If your friend buys Bids, you automatically get 50% of that. And best of all, if you buy Bids, you'll get back up to the same amount of your spendet Bids.

Why are these articles so cheap?

CentBids offers auctions for which Bids are required. These Bids can be obtained for free or bought. By selling Bids, we generate revenue that is largely used to enable insanely low prices. There is no difference between purchased and free Bids. So there is no benefit to buying Bids. Only the amount you use ultimately decides who win the auction.

Are there any tricks on CentBids?

Many winners often observe the desired product over a longer period of time and offer only when there are fewer active bidders in the auction. You can, for example, track the names and see when there are fewer bidders to enter. Some bidders go for an all-in strategy and scare off other bidders by regularly overbid everyone else in an auction. You can never see how many Bids the other bidders have, that's what makes the bargain hunting on CentBids so exciting. If you have not won, your Bids will not be lost. When you buy Bids, you always get back to the same amount of your already spent Bids. This even applies in conjunction with a discount code!

I spent all the Bids, now what?

You can invite friends to CentBids and get 3 Bids for free for every user you refer. If your friend then buys Bids, you automatically get 50% of the Bids as well. You do not want to wait, then you have the opportunity to buy Bids packages. When you buy a package with 250 Bids, for example, you will even get back all your already issued Bids, including the free ones. So it's worth twice.

How do I buy Bids?

You will find the link "Buy Bids" at the top of the menu on the right side. Clicking opens a pop-up where you can select the desired Bids package and then simply pay via one of our payment partners. Do not forget to use your discount code.

I forgot my username / password.

Sometimes we get this request from the support team. When you registered, we never asked you for a password, because you have none. We chose Account Kit from Facebook, because you can verify yourself either by your phone number, ie by WhatsApp or SMS message, or your e-mail address. This has several advantages: An account theft is almost impossible. You do not have to remember a password. Registration requires only 3 clicks. Your nick is linked to your unique ID. Your telephone number or e-mail address is unknown to us. So if you change your phone number, contact us first to allow you to move your nickname and your Bids.

Is the payment secure?

As a payment provider we use PayU Latam, PayPal and stripe (subject to availability). These handle the entire payment process. We only receive and save which nickname, when how many Bids have been purchased and that they are paid. Not more. We do not know your address, your name and your e-mail address. For this reason and as the Bids are digital products, any exchange or return is excluded.

Why is my telephone number required?

We use the account kit from Facebook for registration and login. This service allows you to log on anonymously and protects your privacy and personal information.CentBids does not store any information about you. We only store a string that you are uniquely identified by Account Kit. Conclusions on the person or the like are not possible.

How do I sign up?

At the top right you will find "register for free" or "login". Just click on it and a pop-up will open, in which you decide on a possibility (SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail). After you have verified yourself, you are logged in. When logging in for the first time, you can choose a username. It is important to log out after each session.

Who is behind CentBids?

Behind CentBids.com stands the GoCaribe S.A.S. More information can be found in our imprint.

Further questions?

Do not hesitate to contact our customer support, we are always open for your questions, requests or suggestions.

English Version - Version 2.08 - As of: 6th February 2019

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