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Affiliate conditions

CentBids offers every registered user the opportunity to participate in our affiliate program. The only prerequisite is a fully completed registration process, as well as Internet access. Affiliate Program Subscription is Free, there are no one-time or ongoing costs.

Please note:

We want you to abide by the usual customs and practices, to make no promises or profit warranties for auctions, or to act as an official or agent of CentBids. It is also important to note the correct spelling of CentBids, big C and big B. Commercials or logos not originating from us should be approved by CentBids prior to publication. This is done without any problems by e-mail to . Thank you! By the way: Especially creative and successful graphics can be rewarded with an additional premium to make them available to all other affiliates.

Always use your affiliate link!

Unfortunately, affiliates have made the mistake of placing a link directly to CentBids without a personalized affiliate link. Of course, that's nice, but sad for the affiliate, because we can not reward him for his help. So always copy the link that is displayed to you mi user menu. It must look something like this: https://xy.centbids.com/a/us123456789

Money, Cash, Bugs and Bids:

CentBids remunerates users recruited directly by you, who complete the registration process completely with 3 Bids once.

You can build a so-called downline, so a multi-level-network up to 4 levels. This means that you advertise user A, this advertises user B, who in turn advertises user C. If user C buys Bids, you also earn commission.

The commission depends on the level you are in from the point of view of the user who buys bids.

This is how it looks like if a user buys 500 Bids for $ 100.00:

(March 2019)

Thus, if each Affilate advertises 5 more Affiliates, it is possible that you have a Downline of 625 Affiliates easily.

But for what 625 people?

Quite simple, let's have a look on this numbers:
With an average purchase rate of 32.8% (as of March 2019 on CentBids Worldwide) , you'll have 205 bid purchases a month, with an average value of 52.11 USD. Your Commission can be between $ 1,068.255 monthly (Level 1) and $ 213.651 (Level 4).
If you would prefer to bid for unbeatable bargains on CentBids, you'll get a monthly bounty of between 30,698 Bids Monthly (Level 1) and 6,139 (Level 4) Bids.

These numbers are only 5 persons per affiliate. We have affiliates with well over 50 people per affiliate, so it's up to you.

Give me my money!

How get my money? Very easy, via PayPal. Log into your CentBids account and go to the Affiliate Dashboard. There you can initiate a withdrawal and only have to enter your PayPal e-mail address once and within 1-5 days you have your money in USD on your PayPal account.

Yours is yours! For almost always!

The first time a visitor hits your CentBids affiliate link, they will receive a cookie to link to them. The user is thus reserved for you for 30 days. As soon as he registers within this phase, he will be in your downline for life. Except some billionaire buys us and throws us all out, then we can not guarantee anything :) The 30 days are technically conditioned, since cookies can not have a longer expiration time. If the visitor changes the device or deletes the cookies, the connection with you is naturally cut off. Overall, however, we have a very high conversation rate, so registrations within the first few seconds of the first page visit. If you have any ideas on how we can improve this value, please give us feedback.

Important Note:

We do not charge for the payment. However, we kindly ask every affiliate not to arrange the payment by PayPal on a daily basis, even if it feels nice to have the money on the PayPal account. However, if the withdrawal takes too much resources, we are forced to limit the payouts (2 times a month) or charge a processing fee. In the interests of all affiliate partners, we ask for some discipline :) Weekly payouts are no problem and are always paid out as soon as possible. If you choose to get Bids instead of money, they will automatically and instantly be credited to your CentBids user account and you can immediately put them into an auction for your desired item. The claim for payment via PayPal then expires for all commissions incurred until then. However, you can decide this individually on a daily basis and have it as you wish. Bids transfer takes no significant resources and you can transfer your bids every minute or every second if you want.

Why does CentBids pay commissions?

Advertising always costs money. We can either pay to major search engines to land in the first place for any keywords, or we can pay social networks to show our ads. In both variants, however, the key disadvantage is that it is always sterile and distanced advertising. With Affiliates, we have the advantage of allowing a human to communicate with a human and to communicate our Message - brand new products at a bargain price -more personally. In addition, it is nice when a lucky auction winner shares his secret and is rewarded again.

Further questions? Our is always at your disposal.

English Translation - Version 2.08 - March 9th 2019

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