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What is CentBids?

CentBids is your online auction house, with the chance for mega bargains. Always the newest products and always the lowest prices. You can save up to 98% on CentBids.

Why are prices so incredibly low?

Auctions at CentBids are so-called penny auctions (also called all-pay auctions) on the American model. Here at each participant pays a small amount for his bid. This makes incredibly cheap final prices possible.

When does an auction end?

As with any normal auction, the auction ends when no more bids are made.

How do you offer CentBids?

To bid at our auctions, you need bids. You can either buy these or even get them for free. For example, by inviting friends to CentBids.

How do I sign up?

To register you need either a mobile phone or an e-mail inbox. We use both the login and the login account kit from Facebook. We recommend that you use your mobile phone for logging in, as some of the e-mails end up in the spam folder or sometimes take a long time to be delivered.

Does not include cost of bids. Result is not typical. 55% of auction winners save 95% off the retail price. Auctions on CentBids are so-called penny auctions or all-pay auctions. There is always the risk of being outbid by others. Buying Bids and bidding is no guarantee to win the auction. Each bid will reset the countdown to 10 seconds. The end time is not fixed. Please make sure you do not spend more money bidding than the products are worth, and do not spend more money than you can.

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